Artisan Coffee

Our London Coffee House takes pride in its coffee, Partnering with Terrone Coffee, The only Italian speciality coffee producer in the UK to roast beans in Italy-in a refurbished 1950s Vittoria machine with a customised flame that doesn't hit the beans directly. The result is a slightly more fruity and sweet blend than you might expect from an Italian coffee. Enough about the Italians, if you are looking for the authentic Moroccan Mint Tea, there is only one place in London, look no further... HoM is where the heart is.

Deli Delights

HoM brings you flavoursome flavours from Morocco, creating a beautiful fusion of East meets West. Your everyday breakfast, brunch or lunch, but with a twist. We have carefully selected the finest patiseries & bakers in London to ensure you enjoy the freshest food and desserts everyday!

2 minutes walk from Kings Cross, London
Open Monday to Saturday 8am - 7pm 

HoM is where the heart is.

Smashing Avocado

It tastes as good as it looks

"It's hard to study with all the wall art" Nouha

"We love Terrone coffee beans!" April

The realist of the Real Lemonades

"I walked in asking for a Flat White and walked out with a Hand Painted Bowl" You :)

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